"I am a Conservative Christian family man with 22 years of proven leadership and public service with the Kentucky State Police, and a strong supporter of the Constitution of the United States of America."



As an officer of the law, I swore an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States in its entirety.  As part of this, I would focus especially on the Second Amendment and opposing restrictive gun laws/red flag laws.


If elected, it will be part of my goal to trim wasteful spending.  There is lots of talk of a revenue problem, but the underlying issue is that we have a spending problem!


Our district is facing this epidemic more than ever before.  I bring real experience from my time with the Kentucky State Police, and I will work to combat these issues that we are seeing within our communities, whether from street dealers, cartels, or doctors!


Our area suffered quite a loss with the shutdown of DP&L.  As Representative, I would work to promote our district and the many benefits that it offers (i.e. Kentucky Welding Institute, Maysville Community and Technical College, etc.) in an effort to help offset some of that loss.  Our district has so many bright and skilled youth that we would love to have stay in the area - but this means that we need to ensure that they can raise families and plant their roots right here instead of having to leave the area for higher paying jobs.


Immigration is a great way for the United States to grow in its diversity - but it should be done lawfully.  We are a nation of immigrants, but without proper vetting, we cannot be assured that we are doing our due diligence to protect our citizens.  I would focus in on this and oppose sanctuary cities being able to restrict local agencies from contacting and working with State and Federal agencies.